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With the past 10 years of experience, professionals at South to North Cleaning Service are ready to serve you with top-notch residential and commercial cleaning services. Whether you want to get rid of dirt loaded decks, mold, or wish to improve the appearance of unreachable home siding, pressure washing is the best solution for all your needs. There is no need to rent a washer and spend your valuable weekend on self-cleaning. The best idea is to book your appointment with our professional team and leave all your worries on us. Our team can manage your cleaning needs with latest techniques and equipment.

  • Save time and energy: Pressure washing is a complicated task; this task cannot be completed without right equipment and technique. But if you live in the Vancouver/Portland Metro area, there is nothing to worry about because South to North Cleaning Service is always ready to serve you with fast and easy solutions. You can book pressure washing service appointment as per your time schedule, and we will handle all your needs with modern methods. Homeowners can relax with their family on weekends till we finish the cleaning process and soon you will be able to breathe in the healthy environment.
  • No Environmental damage: Careless pressure washing can cause huge harm to the environment. Amateur washing can drive pollutants and toxins to water sources in the surrounding area. That is why it is advised to call skilled professionals from South to North Cleaning Service to complete the job without causing any harmful impact on the environment. We use efficient techniques to control run-off so that all unpleasant issues can be avoided.
  • Guaranteed cleaning services:

Our team can ensure you perfect cleaning for gutters, fences, deck, home siding and all dirty corners of your house. We are dedicated to ensure guaranteed cleaning without causing any damage to your property. The commercial pressure washing services can strip away unwanted layers from your building and will leave the fresh and appealing look behind.

We at South to North Cleaning Service are ready to serve clients in Portland with high-pressure washing. You can ensure a cost-effective solution for cleaning vinyl and aluminum siding, brick, concrete, parking garage, dumpster areas, awnings, facades, and walkways. Our professional and experienced team have guaranteed solution for your property. Call us anytime to avail trustworthy Pressure Washing Portland services.

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We take pride in being an honest and hardworking cleaning company serving the local Portland area. Our team is dedicated to deliver a thorough and complete cleaning service from floor cleaning to pressure washing. Our promise to you is that we will deliver our best work to ensure a lasting relationship with your business!

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